Thursday, September 15, 2005

EAC-JSAC Alberta 2005 Conference Program

Japan Studies Association of Canada

East Asian Council of Canadian Asian Studies Association


Connections & Identities in East Asia and Beyond

All conference activities & lunches are in Telus Centre at Univ. of Alberta, 111 St. & 87 Ave.

Thursday, Sept. 29, 2005

4:00-6:00 pm Registration, Telus Centre

7:30-9:30 pm Reception, Telus Centre

Friday, Sept. 30, 2005

7:30-8:30 am Registration / Morning coffee

8:30-9:00 am OPENING CEREMONY (Rm. 217-219)

Dr. Satoshi Ikeda, EAC-JSAC 05 Conference Co-Chair, MC

Dr. Rolf Mirus, Acting Vice-Provost & Associate Vice-President (International), Univ. of Alberta

Dr. O. P. Dwivedi, President, CASA

Dr. Fumiko Ikawa-Smith, President, JSAC

9:00-10:15 am PLENARY SESSION I: (Rm. 217-219)

Sixty Years Anniversary of World War II:

History, Identity, Nationalism & Reconciliation

Chair: Dr. Charles Burton, Brock Univ.

Stephen Doust, Canadian Embassy in Tokyo—The Changing Japanese Dynamic and its Implications

Kimie Hara, Univ. of WaterlooJapan and the “Unresolved Problems” in East Asia

Satoshi Ikeda, Univ. of Alberta Between Malign Oblivion and Learned Ignorance: Japanese “Management” of War Crime Memories

10:15-10:30 am Coffee break

10:30-12:00 am BREAKOUT SESSIONS I

Panel A Roundtable - Promoting East Asian Studies: Perspectives from Chairpersons (Rm. 217)

Chair: Peter Nosco, Chair, Dept. of Asian Studies, UBC

Janice Brown, Chair, Dept. of East Asian Studies, Univ. of Alberta

X. Jie Yang, Chair, Dept. of Germanic, Slavic, and East Asian Studies, Univ. of Calgary

Jan Walls, Director, David Lam Centre, Simon Fraser Univ.

Cody Poulton, Chair, Dept. of Pacific & Asian Studies

Univ. of Victoria

Panel B Chinese/Canadian Adoptive Kinship:

Cultural, Legal, and Historical (Rm. 219)

Chair: Sara Dorow, Univ. of Alberta

Ouellette Françoise-Romaine, Université du Québec—Chinese/Canadian Adoption and the Increasing Openness of Adoption Files

Xiaobei Chen, Univ. of VictoriaChinese Orphans, Canadian Missionaries and Adoptive Parents: Cross-Border Love (Kua Guojie De Ai) in Historical Perspective

Sara Dorow, Univ. of Alberta“Being Chinese”: Adoptive Families as Immigrant Families?

Panel C Food Culture and the Food Industry in Japan (Rm. 131)

Chair: Carin Holroyd, Asia Pacific Foundation

Matsubara, Toyohiko, Ritsumeikan—Environment-friendly agriculture and producer-consumer network in Japan

Joe Kess and Yuko Igarashi, Univ. of Victoria Food Fight! Change and challenge in Japan's culinary culture

Yuko Igarashi and Joe KessUniv. of VictoriaA Not so-Dry Economy

12:00-1: 30pm Lunch sponsored by Faculty of Arts (Rm. 140)


Dr. Sheree Kwong See, Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts, Univ. of Alberta


Mark Seldon, Binghamton University,

The Future of East Asian Studies: Regional
and Global Perspectives


Why Japan Matters edited by Joe Kess and Helen Lansdowne

Magnolia: Stories of Taiwanese Women by Tzeng Ching-wen, and translated by Lois Stanford and Jenn-Shann Lin


Panel D Roundtable - Teaching about Contemporary China:

Issues, Dilemmas, and Perspectives (Rm. 217)

Chair: Ken Foster, UBC

Timothy Cheek, UBC

Ellen Judd, Univ. of Manitoba

Feng Xu, Univ. of Victoria

Panel E Popular Culture, Identity & Nationalism (Rm. 219)

Chair: Joe Kess, Univ. of Victoria

Cathy Kmita, York Univ.The Mongolian Dance Andai: Trading Dance for Identity

Xu Wu, Univ. of AlbertaCrying Wedding and Dancing Funeral: Folk Rituals as Ethnic Identities in Contemporary West Hubei

Mark Driscoll, Univ. of North CarolinaThe Two Freeters of Contemporary Japan: The Fateful Marriage of Neoliberalism and Neonationalism

Panel F Health Care in East Asia (Rm. 131)

Chair: Jim Tiessen, McMaster Univ.

Wei-Ching Chang and Marie-Laure Baudet,, Univ. of AlbertaThe Tao of Feminism and Health Care in Taiwan

Taikun Ji, Univ. of AlbertaHealthCcare and Deepening Rural Crisis in China.

Jim Tiessen, McMaster Univ.Hospital Competition and Quality in Japan

3:00-3:30 pm Networking break


Panel G Roundtable – East Asian Energy Security

Chair: Tom Waldichuk, Thompson Rivers Univ.

Simon Nantais, Univ. of OttawaForeign policy, National Identity:Canadian Newspapers During the Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1941

Iain Grant, Dalhousie Univ.The Puzzling Case of the Sino-Canadian Oil Relationship

Simin Yu, Univ. of AlbertaSino-Japanese Competition for Energy

Panel H Transformations in Chinese Identities: Intellectuals, Students, and Minorities in the Modern Period (Rm. 219)

Chair: Timothy Cheek, UBC

Timothy Cheek, UBC—Intellectual Identities: What Makes a 'Chinese Intellectual' Chinese?

David Luesink, UBCTransformation in regional identities: Cheeloo Univ. and St. John's Univ. medical students/graduates as agents of regional and national identity.

Jack Hayes, UBCMarket and Ethnic Identities: Roads, the Environment, and Minority Identities in Northern Sichuan

Ryan Dunch, Univ. of AlbertaAn Overview of Missionary Books in Late Qing China (1811-1911)

Panel I The borderless world: changing perspectives on language and culture (Rm. 131)

Chair: Tsuneko Iwai, McMaster Univ.

Tsuneko Iwai, McMaster Univ.Globalization and the changing patterns of self-construals: an exploratory study of the Japanese students abroad

Noriko Yabuki-Soh, York Univ.Re-examining Japaneseness: Nihonjinron and cross-cultural manuals

Kaori Yoshida UBC—Animation and Otherness: Asia-ness and Orientalism in the Japanese Anime World

Naofumi Tatsumi, Purdue UniversityCross-cultural understanding: Proposing an intercultural communication course with emphasis on East Asia

6:00-8:30 pm Conference Dinner, Faculty Club


Professor Takeshi Hamashita, Kyoto Univesity,

Changing Pattern of Sino-centric Regional Order in East Asia 1805-2005

Saturday, October 1, 2005

8:00-8:30 am Registration / Morning coffee


Panel J Trade and Investment, and sustainable growth in Asia (Rm. 217)

Chair: Teri Ursacki-Bryant, Univ. of Calgary

Carin Holroyd, Asia Pacific Foundation—Rediscovering Japan: An Examination of British Columbia's Trade and Investment Initiative for Asia

Monir Hossain Moni, Waseda Univ.Japanese FDI in South Asia: Limits and Possibilities

Tom Waldichuk, Thompson Rivers Univ.— Actor Networks and the Sustainability of Horticulture on Kujukuri Plain,
Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Panel K Constructing Identities in War and Peace--Japan and East Asia in the Long Twentieth Century (Rm. 219)

Chair: Bill Sewell, Saint Mary’s Univ.

Shinji Takagaki, Univ. of Toronto at Mississauga—War and the Meiji Nation-Building Enterprise
Yu Chang, Univ. of Toronto— Peacetime Reflections Upon War and East Asian Identities
Owen Griffiths, Mount Allison Univ.— Public Imagery of War, the Nation, and Historian's Responsibilities
Bill Sewell, Saint Mary’s Univ.—Manchuria in Post-Postwar Northeast Asia

Panel L Tea and Chopsticks: Cultural Awareness as an Aid to Second Language Learning (Rm. 214)

Chair: Lloyd Sciban, Univ. of Calgary

Cai Wei and Shu-ning Sciban Univ. of CalgaryWhat Has Been Taught about Chinese Language and Culture in Chinese Language Textbooks?

X. Jie Yang, Univ. of CalgaryDesigning an On-line Database for Language Textbooks

Mayumi Hoshi, Univ. of AlbertaIs There Such a Thing as a “Best” Textbook?

Lloyd Sciban, Univ. of CalgaryDefining Culture within Language Learning

Panel M Languages Initiative –

East Asian Languages in Alberta schools (Rm. 216)

Chair: Kimie Hara, Univ. of Waterloo

John Sokolowski, Alberta Education—Overview of Languages Initiative

Jincheng Huang, Alberta Education—Chinese Language and Culture Education in Alberta

Yoko Udagawa, Alberta Education—Japanese Language and Culture Education in Alberta

10:00-10:30 Networking break


Panel N Workshop - Introduction to Japan Studies Databases and a Chinese Courseware (Rm. 217)

This workshop is partially sponsored by the NCC

Tadanobu Suzuki, Librarian, Univ. of Victoria

Tomoko Goto, Japanese Librarian, UBC Asian Library

Laifong Leung & Jingjun Ha, Univ. of Alberta Interative Chinese Tutor: A New Multimedia Courseware

Panel O Cultural Expression and Representation (Rm. 219)

Chair: Jennifer Jay, Univ. of Alberta

Brian Pendleton, Langara CollegeSpace: The Final Frontier: Ma and the Mathematics of Japanese Garden Design

Naohiro Nakamura, Queen’s Univ.—The Change of Cultural Representation of the Ainu in Museum Exhibition.

Anne Wu, Univ. of TorontoCooking as Transnational Practices

Panel P Identity Formation & Historical Memory (Rm. 214)

Chair: Mark Driscoll, Univ. of North Carolina

Yuko Shibata, UBC—Under the Asian Face: In/Visible Canadians

Hiroko Noro, Univ. of VictoriaHapa Japanese Canadian Identity: An Exploratory Study of Identity Formation of Interracial Japanese Canadian Children

Scott Simon, Univ. of OttawaFrom Savages to Soldiers: Truku Memories of Japanese Formosa

John Harding, Univ. of Lethbridge Contested Identities and Buddhism in Modern Japan: A Shikoku Case Study of Pilgrimage and Persecution

Panel Q Emerging China and its neighbors (Rm.216)

Chair: Ryan Dunch, Univ. of Alberta

Guoguang Wu, Univ. of VictoriaTesting China's Peaceful Rise: Taiwan, Energy, and Human Rights Issues

Saarah Shvji, Univ. of AlbertaChina-Kazakasthan Relations

Zachary Devereaux, Ryerson Univ. Chinese News Coverage of North Korea in the New Media Context

12:00-1:30 pm Lunch Sponsored by School of Business (Rm. 140)


Dr. Michael Percy, Dean, School of Business, Univ. of Alberta


Mr. Jeff Kucharski, former Consul for Canada to Nagoya, Japan

The New Japan in an Asian Context

EAC Business Meeting (Rm. 217)


Panel R Development of Japanese Corporations (Rm. 217)

Chair: Dick Beason, Univ. of Alberta

Paul Parker, Univ. of WaterlooConnections within and Beyond Japan’s Photovoltaic Industry:Industrial Development, National Solar Energy Strategies and Global Exports

David Edgington, UBC and Roger Hayter, Simon Fraser Univ.—Japanese Electronics Firms in Southeast Asia and China: Patterns of Bargaining, Cultural Learning and Embeddedness

Teri Ursacki-Bryant, Univ. of CalgaryAnti-Takeover Defenses and the Vitality of Japanese Corporations

Panel S Identities for Women in Pre-modern Japan (Rm. 219)

Chair: Sonja Arntzen, Univ. of Toronto

Caitilin Griffiths, Univ. of TorontoItinerant Jishu Nuns: Members of a Mixed Gender Religious Community

Gergana Ivanova, Univ. of TorontoSei Shōnagon’s Makura no Sōshi: In Search for the Original Text

Lianne Zwarenstein, Univ. of TorontoWorking Women: the Professional Identities of Kamakura Female Authors

Discussant: Christina Laffin, UBC

Panel T Education and Activism in Japanese North America (Rm. 214)

Chair: Greg Robinson, UQAM

Greg Robinson, Université du Québec À Montréal—“Forrest E. LaViolette: Asian North American Studies Pioneer

John Baick, Western New England CollegeFranz Boas and the Origins of East Asian Studies in America

Susan Smith, Univ. of AlbertaToku Shimomura: An Issei Woman during World War II

3:00-3:30 pm Networking break

3:30-5:00 pm PLENARY SESSION II (Rm. 217-219)

New Challenges & Policy Research in Canada-Asia Relations

Chair: Wenran Jiang, Univ. of Alberta

Dr. Yuen Pau Woo, President, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Dr. Charles Burton, Brock University, former academic councilor in the Canadian embassy in Beijing

Mr. Alan Bowman, International Trade Canada

5:00-5:30 pm JSAC Business Meeting

Saturday Evening: Free

Sunday, October 2, 2005


Panel U Translation: Modern & Pre-modern (Rm. 217)

Chair: Sonja Arntzen, Univ. of Toronto

Shaobo Xie, Univ.of Calgary—Translating Modernity towards Translating China

Kozue Uzawa, Univ. of LethbridgeProblems of Selecting Appropriate Words in Translating Tanka into English

Panel V Literature & Education in Japan (Rm. 219)

Chair: Fumiko Ikawa-Smith, McGill Univ.

Yoko Riley, Univ. of CalgaryThe Poetic Manifestations of Japanese History

Febe Pamonag, Univ. of Alberta—‘Where are the teachers who are to train and help the eager students?’ Tsuda Umeko and Her American and Japanese Supporters for Women’s Education in Meiji Japan

Kumiko Aoki, National Institute of Multimedia Education—Japan, Internationalization of Higher Education (or the Lack of it) in Japan

Panel W Chinese Identities: Culture & Literature (Rm. 214)

Chair: X. Jie Yong, Univ. of Calgary

Tzuhsiu (Beryl) Chiu, Univ. of AlbertaTranscultural Chinese identities

Rui Feng, Univ. of Alberta and Iris Xu, McNally Composite High SchoolChinese Identities: Lessons from the Chinese Canadian Experience

Hua Li, UBC—Changing Patterns of the Bildungsroman in Modern Chinese Literature

Jennifer Jay, Univ. of Alberta Confused Identities in the Chinese Canadian Experience: Last Names First and Paper Sons

10:00-10:15 am Coffee break


Panel X Japanese linguistics in Japanese Studies (Rm. 217)

Chair: Kaori Kabata, Univ. of Alberta

Yuki Johnson, Univ. of TorontoFunctions of the Particle Ga in Japanese: Ga as an Object Marker

Kaori Kabata, Univ. of AlbertaUsage Patterns and Mental Representation of Japanese Particles

Kiyoko Toratani, York Univ.Mimetics (lost) inTtranslation

Panel Y Encounters with the Other: Re-Locating the Intertextual/Transnational in Modern Japanese Literary Texts (Rm. 219)

Chair: Janice Brown, Univ. of Alberta

Brad Ambury, Univ. of AlbertaTransnational Encounters in Modern Fiction

Ania Dymarz, Univ. of AlbertaKurahashi and Kafka: A Comparative Reading of Textual Worlds

Janice Brown, Univ. of AlbertaDisentangling Lyric and Nation in Modern Japanese Poetry

Panel Z Education in Japan (Rm. 214)

Chair: Yoko Riley, Univ. of Calgary

Lloyd Scaiban and Scott Harrison, Univ. of CalgrayThe Japanese Concept of Self in Teaching Japanese as a Second Language

Yoko Udagawa, Gakuin Univ.Kanji for High School Programs

Mito Takeuchi, Ohio Univ.—Supplemental Education for Foreign Residents in Japan: Challenges of “Multicultural Coexistence

11:45am-12:00 pm Closing Remarks (Rm. 217-219)

Dr. Satoshi Ikeda & Dr. Wenran Jiang

EAC-JSAC 05 Conference Co-Chairs

12:00-1:00 pm Lunch (Rm. 217-219)


1. Please make payments in either check or cash at the registration;

2. Please limit your presentation to 15 minutes;

3. Roundtable should be open and interactive;

4. Every room has a computer with projector for PPP, etc.;

5. Every room has Internet access;

6. There are two computers with Internet access in the main lobby for email;

7. We will distribute your paper or outline if you have copies with you;

8. We will consider the publication of the proceedings after the conference;

9. Please let us know if you have any special requests.