Thursday, October 02, 2008

BBC Interview on North Korea nuclear crisis

On Ocober 2, 2008. Dr. Jiang was interviewed by the BBC World Service Chinese Program on the new development of the North Korea nuclear crisis. With North Korea demanding that the seals by the International Atomic Energy Agency be removed, its intention of re-starting its nuclear program was clear. Dr. Jiang commented on the situation and the complexities involved, and the potential role of China.

CBC Radio Hop Spot Interview on China's tainted dairy products

On October 2, 2008. Dr. Jiang appeared live on CBC Radio Edmonton's Hot Spot segment with host Peter Brown, and gave his analysis on the latest outbreak of tainted dairy products scandals in China.

There are more than 53,000 babies got sick, over 15,000 hospitalized and 4 have died in the wide-spread fraud and scandal that have caused outrage in China and sent alarms around the world. In Canada, the United States and many other countries, many products containing dairy elements from China have been so far recalled. In the show, Dr. Jiang discussed the current development and its implications.