Friday, January 06, 2006

China's energy security strategy

My keynote speech at the 3rd Canadian Oil Sands Summit on January 18th in Calgary. Details of the conference HERE.


Hu said...

Is China really better than America?

Anyone who wants to make money in China has to surrender to the political power of the Chinese Communist Party. Investing in China may be profitable, but when problems arise, you have no recourse.

What is even more disgraceful is that for financial gains, a few overseas countries and corporations investing in China have sold their souls by exchanging human rights for business opportunities in China. They have tacitly acquiesced to and have extended the Communist Party crimes. American technology should be used to crack open, not cement, the authority of the Communist party.

The American economy has become as dependent on import of Chinese products as it has on Saudi oil. As with Saudi oil, it only makes sense to see that near exclusive dependence on import of Chinese products (no matter how cheap), is not a healthy habit, and that America should in both cases start looking for alternate sources for such products. And it further makes sense to ensure that such sources should, as far as possible, not originate from, and not financially benefit, countries that are openly or furtively working to undermine democracy and open society.

Clearly, the all-pervading aim of the Chinese regime is not the conversion of the PRC into a pluralistic political system with a free market economy modeled after, and integrated with, Western institutions. Rather, its purpose is to perpetuate the Communist Party's rule. For this it needs nationalism and the army; all else is subordinated to the furthering of those indispensable instruments of state power.

Western states, are betraying their conscience and fundamental human values in their pursuit of their economic interests. Just ask yourself what difference does it make if older Communist Party authoritarians are replaced by younger, technically trained or even capitalist authoritarians?

What many reports failed to point out was that nearly all the leading financial, business and industrial figures in China were invariably the close relatives, sons, daughters, nephews, wives, etc., of China's highest-ranking Communist Party officials.

There is a solution here, start caring about how you invest your resources, your economy and beliefs... The "Free World" only need to work together by boycotting the Communist Party. This method doesn't provide them with technologies, capital investments and or support while at the same time, prevents the use of military action. The Communist Party would have never been in power to begin without the support from Russia. Even now Russia sells major weapons to their "People's Liberation Army" and so forth. This isn't the place here to discuss in details all the facts. I just want to point out the importance how every American company should be FIRST investing in it's own backyard before supporting corrupt evil regimes for the sake of profits! Maybe that is where "Capitalism" fails?

For example, for each purchase that you make, you are funding, promoting or endorsing:

> the suppression of democracy and freedom
> wholesale and indiscriminate use of the death penalty
> commercial harvesting of transplant organs of executed prisoners
> denial of basic rights to Chinese workers and farmers
> nationwide forced abortions and sterilizations
> sweeping and brutal repression of all religions
> criminal psychiatric abuse of political prisoners
> routine torture of prisoners
> military occupation and genocide in Tibet
> draconian repression in East Turkestan
> military expansion and aggression
> world's tightest Internet censorship (and)
> the largest dealer of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" to rogue states

When you fail to demonstrate adequate concern for the freedom of others, you embolden and empower those who want to take yours away.

A good society depends on the free availability of facts and opinions, and on the growth of vision and consciousness - the description of what individuals have actually seen and known and felt. Any restriction of the freedom of individual contribution is actually a restriction of the resources of society.

Anonymous said...

My computer failed to get me linked to Dr. Jiang's speech.

But this comment I read.

And, O M G, how is it that there are still people so ideologically sticking to the Cold War era.