Saturday, August 06, 2005

China-US Energy Relations

My interview with NPR on
CNOOC Drops Bid for California-based Unocal
Listen here


simin said...

i think there are basically three players in this takeover war -- CNOOC, Chevron, and US Congress, (you can make it four if you count Unocal) going through the western media coverage, you can find little action made by either Chinese or US government. ( sure, we heard the positive response from US treasury minister Snow and the criticism made by Chinese foreign affairs ministry spokesman Qin Hua, but that's it) but the bad thing is, for Chinese, they still can't distinguish US administration and US Congress very well, they will just view the negative images of China among US Congreemen as the official tone made by US government, and the demonization of China would only have a detrimental effect on US-China relations.

simin said...

the majority of Unocal's energy assets are located in Asia, not North America, which makes little sense for US Congress to worry about US national security, however, since Unocal possesses energy supply in Southeast Asia and central Asia, the opposition from the US would only make China more suspicious of the US foreign policy toward China -- "Southeast Asia and Central Asia,mmmmmm..., it looks like a containment policy to me" Hu would say.