Sunday, September 04, 2005

BusinessWeek Double-issue on China and India

I was invited to participate in the Expert Roundtables for BusinessWeek's double issue on China and India in August, 2005. Read the related articles and my comments in 8 expert roundtables:

BusinessWeek double issue on China and India

Or you can read each Roundtable below:

Expert Roundtable 1: Growth: China vs. India

The debate's first question is, Will India ever grow as rapidly as China? If so, how might that occur?

Expert Roundtable 2: Should China Be Feared?

The debate's second question is, Is China's rapid rise good for the rest of the world? Or something to be feared? Or some of each?

Expert Roundtable 3: India and China: Partners?

The debate's third question is, Are India and China rivals for world markets and resources, or will they tend to be business partners?

Expert Roundtable 4: Advice for the U.S.

The debate's fourth question is, What should the U.S., and individual Americans, do to keep good, high-paying jobs in the U.S.?

Expert Roundtable 5: Can China and India Innovate?

The debate's fifth question is, Will either or both become leaders in technological innovation? And if so, in what fields?

Expert Roundtable 6: Chinese and Indian Youth

The debate's sixth question is, How are young Indians and Chinese different from their elders? Smarter? Lazier? Less obedient?

Expert Roundtable 7: Reading about China and India

The debate's seventh question is, What books do you think would help people understand China, India, or both?

Expert Roundtable 8: What Could Go Wrong?

The debate's final question is, Both China and India appear to be on a path of strong and sustainable growth. What, if anything, might knock them off this path?

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