Thursday, September 08, 2005

EAC-JSAC 2005 Alberta Conference registration

Registration Form

The EAC-JSAC 2005 Alberta Conference

September 29—October 2, 2005

University of Alberta, Edmonton AB

  1. Please fill in this form and email back to to confirm your participation;
  2. You may either send the form with your payment check (payable to “EAC-JSAC 2005 Alberta Conference”) to the following address or pay your fees at the time of conference registration. You will receive your receipt at the conference.

EAC-JSAC 2005 Alberta Conference

Department of Sociology

University of Alberta

5-21 HM Tory Building

Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2H4

Name (please print):


Registration (indicate with Yes or No for Friday banquet)

Regular $100 (required)

Graduate Student $50 (required)

Undergraduates $30 (if all sessions, 3 lunches included)

Conference Banquet $40 (Yes, No)

Total amount paid $

Date Sept. 2005

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